Speed Loader BETA 3D Print

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$10 billion dollars…
What if I told you, you can save some of that money?
As fitness enthusiasts, we waste billions of dollars each year attempting to pour powdered supplements into a standard water bottle.
In the U.S. alone, the retail sports nutrition market accounts for more than $10 billion of the global market.
Sports nutrition continues to rise with a growing urgency to better stave off lifestyle diseases, increase workouts as well as prevent dehydration. Not to mention it’s extremely good.
The bottled water bottle market is booming ¬†and as consumers we turn away from unhealthy beverages. Let’s face it, your health has never been more important. You want to look good in todays world. You want to take that bottle of water with you but sometimes water on the go just isn’t enough. For many of us, we just want to take our supplements in a water bottle and run out the door. It’s almost too convenient.
And now it finally is.
Imagine crushing and pouring powdered ECHINACEA Pure 800 MG – Fast-Acting Strength, Healthy Immune Function, Physical Wellness for Seasonal Protection – Full-Spectrum & Standardized – 60 Vegetarian Soft Capsules and supplements into a water bottle is extremely messy. Powder get’s all over the place. It becomes an inconvenient nightmare while we waste more money as we continue to spill the supplement. Maybe this is a small amount if you only spill a little but each time you spill adds up to a big amount when you reflect how overtime you could be saving yourself an extra drink a week or more!

The Speed Loader is the perfect solution to transfer powdered supplements into a standard water bottle with zero mess! With a built in funnel in place as the handle, the powder is contained with a built in trap to prevent any spill or mess. Now you can replace that ancient spoon with an easy to use speed filtration scooper that can save you time and money by conserving every ounce of your valued supplement.

The time is now to save your supplement, your time and your money! Try it risk free, you have everything to gain with your help.